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Mission & vision

Conductors for Change, Inc. is a non-profit organization by conductors for anyone re-imagining the American orchestra. We are based in the state of New York with a focus on the future of American orchestras, and we welcome dialogue with changemakers from orchestras and industries around the world.

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Re-examine the role and responsibility of the American orchestra to create an equitable community and culture reflective of the people that we serve.


The three pillars of our vision are purpose, diversity and bias, and belonging. In the spirit of knowing we do not have all the answers, we phrase our vision statement as a series of questions. We invite you to share in exploring the answers to these questions with us.


  • Why do orchestras exist?

  • How do our actions and words align with our purpose?

  • Who and what constitutes an orchestra’s community? 

  • What do orchestras look like in the future?

Diversity and Bias

  • What is the relationship between diversity and bias?

  • What are the hidden areas of bias in our organizational, financial, educational, and artistic structures? 

  • How do we make decisions and who makes them? 

  • How do we limit ourselves and our potential?

  • How do we have these difficult conversations? How do we listen?

  • How do we define diversity? How do we act on that definition?

  • How could we see diversity as assets?


  • Who does the musical experience belong to?

  • How does our work provide a sense of belonging and value?

  • How do orchestras invest in those that want to belong to our organizations?

  • Do we want jobs or careers?

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