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Intentional programming WEBINAR


This webinar addresses the inequalities present in classical music through the repertoire we choose. What we mean by intentional programming is programming music that is, most importantly, relevant. Music that is relevant to both your musicians (performers, composers and conductors alike), the audience, and the community you serve, should be a driving force behind our repertoire selection. Too often, we only pay a small tribute to composers of color, women composers, indigenous composers, and many more on the "fringe". And sadly, their treasure of music has often been used to fulfill a diversity quota.

In this webinar, we speak with music directors, composers, and teachers from different backgrounds and experiences to gain insight on how to build an authentically relevant music program or concert. We will discuss resources (how to find new repertoire), how to be sensitive to the identities your musicians and audience, and how to begin to take action and implement these ideas even when confronted with challenges.




Session 1

Panelists are introduced and share their insights, experiences and advice on programming.

Eun Lee - The Dream Unfinished

Brandon Boyd - Gentry Publications

Renata Yazzie - American Indian Musicians' Scholarship

Carlos Boltes - Alturas Duo

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